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Babies born in July 2009!
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This community is for parents of babies born in July 2009
This community is for parents of babies born in July 2009. You can also join if you had a baby in June or August.

Our community membership is moderated. In order to join, you must have a baby born around July 2009 and you must have a fairly established journal.

We have tagged certain topics that may be of particular interest to our members. To find out information on a specific topic, you may first want to check our tags page.

Community Rules
By joining this community, you agree to abide by these rules:

1. We request that all new members post this introductory survey within three days of joining or you will be removed. We like to know who is in this community with us.

Due date:
Other children's names/ages:
Type of birth you are planning (natural/medicated/c-section, home/birth center/hospital):
Anything else you'd like to share:

Or, if you prefer, since we hope none of you are still pregnant, feel free to introduce yourself with a combination of that intro and our "baby update" questions:

Size (length/weight/clothing size):
Daily routine:
Favorite thing about this age:
Least favorite thing about this age:
Anything else:
How mom is doing:
Pictures (behind a cut, please):

2. This community is meant to be supportive and encouraging. Be mindful that everyone has a parenting philosophy specific to their needs. Treat all community members with respect. Disagree with them and share sources, links, information, and opinions with them, but please be mature and respectful.

3. Do not delete, screen, or freeze posts or comments. If you have a problem with comments left by other community members, contact a moderator.

4. No community promos, spam, or for sale posts unless you have permission from a moderator.

5. Put all pictures, long entries, and sensitive material behind an lj-cut. Please be considerate of members with low-speed connections or who are at work.

6. Weekly updates will be posted on Monday by a mod. Please try to keep your updates confined to comments to that post. If you miss a Monday by a day or two, go back and post on that Monday. If it is later in the week, please wait until next Monday.